Buy hosting


You'll need a place on the Web to run your programs. The examples in this course - the screenshots and so on - were made with an account on Reclaim Hosting.

Reclaim specializes in serving students and universities. A basic account costs $30/year at the time of writing. A domain name costs $15/year. A domain is something like

You need both a hosting account, and a domain name.


I don't know the people at Reclaim, or get any referral fees. I recommend Reclaim because it's cheap, and has what students need.

Cheap is good. So are doggos. And ice cream.

Use another service if you want, though some of the screen shots you see on this site might not apply. Make sure you have Apache, MySQL or MariaDB, PHP, a DB admin tool like phpMyAdmin, 10+ database limit, subdomains, SFTP, terminal access... hmm, that might do it.

Before you sign up, pick a domain name. Funny is good, but it should be something you could show you grandmother. As I write, is available. So are:


If you want domain name suggestions, ask in the general forum on Moodle. Maybe we can come up with something good, based on your name, or interests.

When you're ready, go to Reclaim Hosting, and get yourself some juicy server space.