Project: mortgage payments

Do this project individually. Submit your solution here, not on Moodle.

Check the syllabus and the project's entry on Moodle for grading, due date, and other deets.


Mortgage payments

This is to be completed individually, not with another person.

Write a program to calculate monthly mortgage payments.

The program takes three GET inputs:

  • Principal, e.g., 100000. Required, numeric, more than zero, less than one billion.
  • Annual interest rate, e.g., 3.92. Required, numeric, more than zero, less than 20.
  • Term in years, e.g., 30. Required, numeric, more than zero, less than 50.

Be sure to:

  • Validate all values.
  • Use validation functions.
  • Put the functions in a code library.
  • Show appropriate error messages.
  • Show all error messages that apply.
  • Round payments to two decimal places.
  • Put your name in the footer.

Show output as in the samples. You do not need to match the style exactly.

If the payments are less than $2,000, show the message "You should get two doggos." Otherwise, show "You should get a doggo."

Submit a URL of your solution, and a zip of your files. The usual coding standards apply.