Project: Your app


You can complete this by yourself, or in teams of two people. I recommend you do it with someone else.

Submit here, not in Moodle. See Moodle for the due date, grade weight, etc.


Your app

Write an app like the goats app. Make it about anything you like. Recipes, sports teams, whatevs.

Work with others

This is a complex task. Work with someone else, if you can.


  • At least three entities.
  • At least one 1:N, and one M:N relationship.
  • Write list pages for every entity, like this one. Include the operations links.
  • Write view pages for each entity, like this one. Include an edit link. Show entities that are related with 1:N or M:N relationships.
  • Include edit pages like this one. Use drop downs for relationships.
  • Do data validation on all fields, as appropriate.
  • Put delete links on edit pages. The delete links go to a confirmation page. Delete if the user confirms.
  • Do referential integrity checks before deleting. Try this. A club with members can't be deleted. A comedian who is someone's fave can't be deleted.
  • Use a function library. Store DB connection data outside the DB.
  • Use page components.
  • Add a footer with the names of all team members. Only one of you need submit.

Submit the URL of your app, and a zip of your files. The usual coding standards apply.