OU website connection issues

Some people are having trouble connecting to their websites. Some possibilities.

Verifying you exist

Reclaim sends you an email after a couple of weeks, to verify you're real. You probably are.

If your site works for a couple of weeks, then doesn't, this may be the problem. This looks like a wifi network problem, but isn't.

You have to click on a link in an email from Reclaim. To resend the email, log in to Reclaim (don't go to cPanel), and see if there's a warning on the screen about verifying. There may be warnings about other things, too. Not the warning you're looking for. Go about your business. Move along, move along.


The wifi in the dorms is a different network from the rest of campus. It blocks many things.


  • Use Grizznet somewhere else on campus.
  • Phone preview (below)

Wrong network

You may be using the wrong Grizznet. There are several wifi networks, like Grizznet Secure, Grizznet Guest, and plain Grizznet. Grizznet Secure will (probably) block stuff, maybe including your site. Grizznet Guest will access sites, but not use FTP. Use plain old Grizznet.

You should check which wifi net you are using. In Windows, click on the wifi symbol on the right of the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. (On a Mac, there's something similar. Look for the wifi icon.) Disconnect from everything except plain old Grizznet.

Other campus network problems

Ack! Sometimes OU adds new tools to network security. They can give you privacy errors. If you can see your site on your phone, OU's network may be the problem. See Phone preview (below).

Reclaim error

For one student, Reclaim hadn't connected the domain he bought correctly. The symptom is that, when you login to Reclaim (don't go to cPanel) the number of domains you have is zero. You need to contact Reclaim tech support for this.

Phone preview: What to do it nothing works, or you get tired of trying to figure it out because computers suck (they do)

Make your pages and sites on your PC/Mac. Make sure everything works there.

Upload to your server as usual. Use File Manager, FileZilla, whatevs.

Check your work on your phone. If wifi is the problem, make sure you are using the cell network to connect to your site. E.g., turn wifi off while you check, then turn it back on. Remember to turn wifi back on, if you have a limited phone plan like I do.

The grader lives in another state, so if you can see your work on your phone, he can see it, too.


If you still can't get it to work, let's talk.